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Image by Andrew Ling


  • Understanding Market Trends

  • Ascertain Accurate Budget

  • Analyze Unit's Competition

  • Visit Auctions

  • Analyze URA Master Plan for Future Urban Transformation Plans

  • Formulate Tailored Exit Strategy

  • Consideration of Future Buyer/Tenant Audience

  • Last Plot of Land Strategy

  • Analyze URA Transaction Data Page

  • Analyze HDB Past Transaction Data Page

  •  Analyze Peak Transacted Price and Date

  • Observe Area's Recently Transacted Price

  • Observing Area's Rental Volume and Yield 

  • Looking at Street Directory

  • Unit's Proximity to Amenities

  • Unit's Proximity to Schools

  • Unit's Proximity to Current and Future Business Districts/Parks

  • Unit's Proximity to Pollutive Environment

  • Convenience of Access to Amenities

  • Different Types of Facilities Available

  • Units : Floor : Lift Ratio

  • Occupancy Rate

  • Neighbour's Profile

  • Remaining Lease of Areas Nearby

  • Shape of Unit

  • Facing of Unit

  • View from Hall and Rooms

  • Internal Condition of Unit

  • External Condition of Building

  • Signs of Pests

  • Upcoming Maintenance/Upgrading Works

  • Absurd MCST Fees

  • Easement/Restrictive Covenants

  • By-Laws of Development

  • Reinstatement of Walls

  • Patio VS High Ceiling Lovers

  • Understanding Property Peak Price Cycle

  • Overview of Bank's Interest Rate

  • Observe Older Listings

  • Understanding Developer's Lost Leaders

  • Developer's ABSD Deadline

  • Size of Development VS Car Parking Lots Ratio

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