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Cash Proceeds Calculation

​                       Estimated Selling Price

(less): Outstanding Loan

(less): CPF Returns + Accrued Interest

(less): 6-12 Months Interest

(less): Resale Levy (if applicable)

(less): Upgrading Costs (if applicable)

(less): Seller Stamp Duty (if applicable)

(less): Legal/Conveyancing/Admin Fees

(less): Agent Fees

Buying Costs

  • ​Cash Over Valuation (COV) =Agreed Purchase Price - Valuation

  • Buyer Stamp Duty

  • Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (if applicable) 

  • Legal/Conveyancing/Admin Fees

  • Agent Fees

  • Seller's Extension of Stay costs

Estimated Loan Amount Required Calculation

​                          Estimated Agreed Purchase Price

(add): Buyer Stamp Duty

(add): Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (if applicable)

(add): Legal/Conveyancing/Admin Fees

(less): Total CPF Returns + Accrued Interest

(less): Total Current Available CPF Ordinary Account Funds

(less): Deposit Paid

(less): Total Amount of Grants (if any)

(less): 50% of Cash Proceeds* (Applies to Second HDB Loan Only)


* provided that the cash proceeds is less than $50,000. Owners may retain $25,000 and must use the remaining into the second HDB loan

Second HDB Loan Requirement

For those taking a second HDB housing loan, the loan amount will be reduced using the CPF refund and up to 50% of the cash proceeds from the disposal of the existing or last-owned HDB flat. This prevents over-borrowing and promotes financial prudence.

The manner of disposal of a flat includes sale, transfer or surrender of a flat, or by any other permissible method under the Housing and Development Act or any other written law.

HDB reserves the right to determine the amount of proceeds to be used, either by taking into account the manner of holding of the existing/last-owned flat, or according to any court order that provides for the disposal/division of the flat.

Generally, flat buyers can keep the greater of $25,000 or 50% of the cash proceeds (including the cash deposit received), and HDB will take into account the remaining cash proceeds when determining the second HDB housing loan amount.


New Cooling Measures w.e.f 16/12/2021
Buyer Stamp Duties
  • Buyer Stamp Duty (if below $1M) = 3% of Purchase Price/Valuation (whichever is higher) - $5400

  • Buyer Stamp Duty (if above $1M) = 4% of Purchase Price/Valuation (whichever is higher) - $15,400

Seller Stamp Duties (SSD)
HDB Resale Levy
resale levy.png
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